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Super Mums Notepad

Hey there lovely lady! Let us help you find your inner superness – It’s in there somewhere girl…

But I’m not a super mum!

Listen, being super doesn’t mean being perfect.

It doesn’t mean you can do everything, all on your own. It doesn’t mean you balance work and life like some ethereal being and it certainly doesn’t mean you never fail in your business.

What being super means is that you simply need to find that something special and amazing you have inside you, just like all true heroines ‘.

Finding your superness means you can start to make a beautiful business.

You’ll realise that failing is OK because without it there’s no growth. You’ll realise that you aren’t a quitter. You’ll realise that you have wonderful gifts you can sell and share with others.

You’re here for a reason. You’re here because you want to find that inner superness.

You know in your heart you can do it.

Register your interest for the members club below, I’d love for you to come and join us. Doors only open 4 times a year, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Suzannah & The SMBC Team⋆


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Amy Dowdeswell - Secret Veneers
Highly Recommended!
I would highly recommend SMBC to anyone who wants to get an online presence and grow their business
Amy Dowdeswell
Katherine Bamford
All round great gal!
Suzannah has a great passion for helping others, and with her Work For Mums website it enables people to have a place on the net to find out if working for themselves is for them. With the advice and business opportunities given, those using the site get an informed choice. Thank you Suzannah for a great on-line resource.
Katherine Bamford
Make-Up Artist & Beauty Therapist / Arbonne
Laura E James - Writer
I highly recommend joining Super Mums Business Club
I’ve known Suzannah for many years, as a friend and colleague, and I am in constant awe of her professionalism, high energy and effervescent personality. She works hard and cares deeply, and gives her utmost in both her personal life and the business world. With her expertise, her honest approach and her desire to help people succeed, Suzannah provides a safe pair of hands and excellent business advice. I highly recommend joining Super Mums Business Club.
Laura E James
Very impressive, professional, to the point
Lots of fantastic tips. I can relate & identify where I have lost focus & some things that I had not considered doing. I love the pocket chunks of info which makes it easier to digest & implement into your business….
Angela Sullivan-Brown
Business Coach / Forever Living
An Exceptional Business Woman
Suzannah is an exceptional business woman with great expertise and personal warmth. I would highly recommend her to any prospective client…
Laura Pragnell
Founder / Career Expert

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