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Suzannah Butcher - Female Entrepreneur

Hey there!

First off, you won’t find any BS here. I didn’t become an overnight success…far from it actually…and I’m not a 7-figure business guru BUT somewhere along my business journey, I found my Super!

“But I’m not super girl!” I hear your cry…

Listen, being super doesn’t mean being 100% perfect.

It doesn’t mean you can do everything, all on your own. It doesn’t mean you balance work and life like some ethereal being and it certainly doesn’t mean you never fail in your business.

What being super means is that you simply need to dig deep and find that something special and amazing you have inside you, just like all true heroines ‘ and the good news is, you’re in the right place to find it, ‘cos I’m going to help you!

Don’t struggle on your own, come and be a part of the SMBC community.
You’ll soon realise…

failing is OK…because without it there’s no growth…
…that you are SO not a quitter
…that you have wonderful gifts you can sell and share with others….
…that every single person running a business shares your struggles
…there’s no need to be a lonely solopreneur – we’re all in the same boat!

So, join my FREE membership below to get your hands on some gorgeous goodies,  have a nosey around the site, read some inspiring business stories and let’s connect online.

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Jenny Lidster Testimonial
Jenny Lidster
Business Owner / The Mindful Way
So glad I decided to invest in this…
I'm so glad I decided to invest in this. I've only just started looking into the resources available but this months Super Class was worth the membership fee alone. I couldn't get to grips with Canva properly before & now it's crystal clear- I'm not usually one to 'gush' but thank you so much Suzannah for making it so clear & concise.
Sarah Ellis Testimonial
Sarah Ellis
Skincare Consultant / Natural Elements
Truly inspirational
This lady is an absolute star!!! Truly inspirational with excellent knowledge and advice. I would highly recommend
Anna Gunton Testimonial
Anna Gunton
Director / My Maison Chic
Worth every penny!
The club is great. You get to meet many other wonderful ladies that are going through similar trials and tribulations. The educational videos are superb and easy to put into practice. Having the FB group to come into is fab and gives great support. There is no pressure and you can go at your own pace and not feel stressed if life gets in the way. I feel like I've made new friends. Worth every penny :-)
Life Coach Julie Testimonial
Julie Maloney
Life Coach / Life Coach Julie
Everyone is super friendly
I've only been in the group a couple of weeks and I already know I'm going to be a long term member. It's a supportive non-pressured environment with the opportunity to learn and connect with each other. Everyone is super friendly. If you're thinking about joining I'd say go for it, an investment in yourself is always worth it.
Katie - Orange Sheep Research
Katie Spreadbury
Business Owner / Orange Sheep Research
Worth its weight in gold…
I'm finding being a superstar member is worth its weight in gold. The tools and resources are fantastic, I especially love the idea of the monthly training. What I have found most useful so far is Suzannah's boundless energy...and setting regular challenges to keep me on my toes.
Helena Gould Testimonial
Helena Gould
Founder / Kiddilog
Uncomplicated & Jargon Free
Suzannah has an uncapped wealth of knowledge that she is only too willing to share with others. She offers guidance and advice on strategies that will help improve and enhance any business, whatever the sector.
Katherine Bamford Testimonial
Katherine Bamford
Make-Up Artist / Arbonne
All round great gal!
Suzannah has a great passion for helping others. Thank you Suzannah for a great on-line resource.
Laura James
Laura E James
I recommend joining SMBC
I am in constant awe of Suzannah's professionalism, high energy and effervescent personality. With her expertise, her honest approach and her desire to help people succeed, Suzannah provides a safe pair of hands and excellent business advice.
Angela Sullivan-Brown Testimonial
Angela Sullivan-Brown
Business Coach / Forever Living
Lots of Fantastic Tips
I can identify where I have lost focus & some things that I had not considered doing. I love the pocket chunks of info which makes it easier to digest & implement into your business….

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