Hi, I’m Suzannah Butcher; an entrepreneurial business woman who’s passionate about inspiring others to find their inner superness and be successful


I live in the United Kingdom with my husband and 2 kids.

Suzannah Butcher - Female EntrepreneurMy very first venture was back in 2008 when I started a direct sales business. Over the years I’ve set up a few businesses and apart from Work for Mums, they all pretty much FAILED.

After these failures and personal struggles in 2013 (read my life story below), I was feeling completely overwhelmed, my confidence was at rock bottom and to be honest, I was really lonely.

By late 2013 I was ready to throw in the towel. Quit. Give up. I was running a business I liked, but felt isolated and I just wasn’t making enough money; I was a Desperate Dora and it was obvious. Then my husband got really ill and he had to give up work. It felt like everything was against me.


It was a turning point; a butt kick moment. I HAD to figure out a way to make it work.

I had to go back to basics.

SO, I attended an accredited start-up course in my area and learnt more about social media marketing, planning, goal setting and all the other vital components you need to run a profitable business. I took a real step back and started to work on my business, rather than in it. I streamlined, I outsourced, I was much more disciplined about my work focus and I worked a whole lot more on self-development.

Suzannah Butcher - Super Mums Business ClubSlowly, I started to reap the rewards. My business Work for Mums is now one of the most popular websites in the United Kingdom for mums to find flexible working resources and jobs, I’ve built a social following of over 50k people, I’ve won some amazing awards and gained online recognition for my business success – something I never dreamt I could achieve.

BUT early 2015 I realised something was missing. I liked running my business but had a niggling feeling that I could be doing something more fulfilling.

I knew I could help other women who felt the way I did when I was at my lowest ebb, struggling to cope as an overwhelmed, overworked solopreneur.

I went with my gut instinct and started running a Facebook support group and page to reach out to other women in business.

And now here we are, my online community for mothers who are running a business; maybe feeling a little bit lost and lonely like I was in the beginning and lacking the knowledge, tools and support to drive their business forward.
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