Meet a Member - Katie

Meet a Member – Katie

My name is…Katie Spreadbury and my business is called OrangeSheep Research. My business is…making market research surveys accessible to small businesses and start-ups who do not have the budget to commission a research agency to run a whole research programme for them. I passionately believe that good quality customer insight shouldn’t just be the preserve […]

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Helen Lindop - Totally Courses

Success Inspo With Helen Lindop

I was so pleased interview Helen Lindop from Totally Courses about her business journey. It was a pleasure to hear more about her background as we’ve known each other virtually for many years and Helen is like an online business buddy. Let’s get some success inspo… If you could first of all introduce yourself and say a […]

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Be Your Own Hero

Be Your Own Super Hero

Just lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what it truly means to be ‘Super’. There’s a lot of pressure on women and mothers to be superhuman, in that they should have the ability to juggle everything beautifully whilst still maintaining a calm and pristine outer presence. I say NO to this. That is not […]

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