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I’ve Been A Business Butterfly…

Suzannah Butcher - MumpreneurI’ve had an amazing business journey so far. As I wrote this, it struck me how much my business ventures have been like relationships. Some you look back on fondly, whereas others you wonder “what the hell was I thinking?”

Like many entrepreneurs I get a LOT of ideas and I’ve previously found myself being distracted by seemingly ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities, or I’ve just had an amazing idea (or so I thought) and thought “Hell yeah, I can do that”. How wrong I was!

Hence the term business butterfly – flitting from one tempting business or bright idea to the next. I now refer to it as BBS (Business Butterfly Syndrome).

Of course my BBS ventures didn’t generally work out because I spread myself too thinly. It’s not humanly possible (without a lot of support and staff) to to run multiple businesses, so as a Solopreneur, I recommend to stick to what you love.

Phoenix Trading – My First Love
This was my first business, launched in 2008. Launched makes it sounds like it was a purposeful and planned but it wasn’t.

I set up a small direct selling business with Phoenix Trading (greeting cards and stationery) with less than £100 because gawd I love stationery and I knew I could easily retail from baskets of cards and brochures taken to my kids toddler groups.

I was the first Phoenix Trader to create a successful business online through blogging.

Once Work for Mums become more successful, I had to scale down the business or I would’ve burnt out, so I stopped recruiting and now have an automated online retail business which provides passive income.

Online Business Entrepreneur – An Epic Fail
This was my wonderful idea to create an online membership website in 2011.

I knew I could help people to get online, sell online and be successful online but I didn’t have the tools, ooomph and vision to make it happen.

I spent 6 months creating brilliant content for people, but I didn’t put it to market effectively. I built it, but they didn’t come.

As my business idol Alex Polizzi once said ‘No time building a business is ever wasted, darling’, I know that it just wasn’t the right time for me to launch but it was a great learning experience.

Mother Hen Cards – It Was A Bit Rocky
Reassured by the fact I could retail online, I set up an eCommerce website in 2012 selling cards with artwork by a popular UK artist, who had previously provided artwork for Phoenix.

It was plagued with problems, mainly due to the complicated website theme I chose and when the artist started selling online herself, it slowly fizzled out.

Body by Vi – A Summer Fling
Attracted by BBS (Business Butterfly Syndrome) in 2013, this was an MLM opportunity that I was worried I would miss out on if I didn’t jump on board.

There were so many things I loved about it; fab products which I used myself, slick branding and marketing materials and there was great earning potential.

However, it was quite an intense experience which coupled with trying to juggle everything else, meant it ended up being really stressful. I decided it wasn’t for me after about 10 months and resigned as a promoter.

Work for Mums Ltd. – My Steady Relationship
Now one of the most successful jobs websites for mums in the UK, Work for Mums started out as a basic business blog in 2011.

Initially the site was created to blog about my Phoenix business but as I started to use social media more, I began to write tips and guides. Guest bloggers and companies started to get in touch about advertising opportunities and eventually as the shift moved away from Phoenix, people wanted to advertise their work from home opportunities.

Work for Mums launched as a jobs board in April 2013 and I’m really proud that thousands of mums every month use it access resources and look for flexible jobs. I’m still a Director in the company but now outsource most of the every day stuff.

Super Mums Business Club – This One’s A Keeper!
My idea to help mums run a successful business has been planned since 2011 when I had my failed relationship with OBE. It took me 4 years to pluck up the courage to try again.

I’ll be honest, there was a few false starts as I  faffed and fussed over the design and content and I had MAJOR WOBBLES but I eventually got it right and am over the moon to have had some amazing feedback so far since launching my club in 2015.

My aim is to help thousands of business women worldwide make friends, be inspired and grow their business.

So, What Does All The Above Demonstrate?

That I’m downright determined, resilient, driven and very persistent. It’s called entrepreneurial GRIT and I know you’ve got it too.

I’ve been there, I’ve failed and got back up again.

I know how hard it is running a business, being a mum and trying to keep everything afloat whilst you’re quietly crying into your coffee (or wine). You know, like I did, there’s something within you to be successful but you’re struggling to find it and you don’t have the tools you need to grow your business. Plus we totally lose ourselves when we become mothers but the good news is, it’s only temporary.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place to find your inner superness.

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