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I Wanted A Better Work-Life Balance

My name is…Katie Spreadbury and my business is called OrangeSheep Research.

My business is…making market research surveys accessible to small businesses and start-ups who do not have the budget to commission a research agency to run a whole research programme for them. I passionately believe that good quality customer insight shouldn’t just be the preserve of big business, as it’s so important to success and to business decision making. The internet, in particular the rise of online DIY survey tools, has made market research accessible to all businesses, but many are still missing out or are getting things wrong because they don’t have the experience and expertise in the research field to know how to get it right. This can be dangerous for them as it can lead to key business decisions being taken off the back of inaccurate data, and poorly designed questionnaires can alienate and annoy customers when they should be engaging them. I help businesses get it right in a way that suits them – from running their whole survey from start to finish to providing support with specific elements where they need my expertise or as an extra resource. I also write a blog with tips and advice for going it alone.

I’ve been in business for…1 year.

I started my business because…after becoming a mother I wanted a better work-life balance than I was able to achieve in employment. I had been thinking about how it could be possible to set up a one-woman research agency using online tools, and at a business start-up workshop the idea suddenly clicked into place that I could provide valuable support to start-ups and small businesses with limited budgets whilst achieving the work-life balance I was looking for.

Orange Sheep ResearchMy business vision is…to put an end to poor quality research so every business can benefit from the insights good research can give, whatever the size of their budget.

I joined as a Superstar member because…the training sessions really appealed to me, covering off social media marketing and other topics that are of real value to a small business with no marketing budget. The format of the sessions (online, short videos and tutorials) also suits me well and I have actually used them, unlike the millions of webinars I sign up for elsewhere but never view as I never have a whole hour to spare in one go! The closed Facebook group also provides a “safe space” to discuss business issues and a supportive community, because let’s face it working for yourself can get pretty lonely.

The best thing about being a member is…the training and Suzannah’s infectious cheeriness!

The most useful thing I’ve learnt so far is…how to use Canva (a website/app for creating social media visuals that will engage your viewers).

The advice I’d give to anyone considering joining is…to go for it, it’s a very good price for the value you get and we superstars would love to have you in our gang!

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