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My Views By Seren Aged 9

My daughter wanted to help me work today (for a price of course – she’s an entrepreneur in the making!) so I agreed she could write a blog post. I noted down some statements to help her get started. Seren chose a unicorn for the featured image #girlaftermyownheart

What I think about my mummy’s business…

I think that my mums business is about creating a website and making courses for other people. My mummy helps lots of people that is why she is a lovely person.

What I think about my mummy and daddy working from home…

I think it’s better for my parents to work at home because they get to spend more time with me and my brother and work more because normally they would have a certain time if they worked elsewhere and they can work whenever they want to.

What I think about being super…

I think if i was a superhero that my power would be art but I also think that everyone is a hero inside but might not have powers but you can still save the world but not with powers but with your personality.

What I think about my future…

I think in the future I will be successful like my mum and dad but I’m also worried about the future because of the global warming and the environment also green house gases, if we carry on as we are who knows what will happen.

By Seren, age 9

#SoProud of my girl ❤

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