Why I'm Like A Library

Why I’m Like A Library (And Why You Should Be Too)

Self care, filling your cup etc. I’m sorry, but No…

I was chatting to a friend about self care recently and we both realised that whilst looking after ‘you’ is super important; we didn’t like the sayings and words usually used to describe looking after yourself.

So I’ve come up with a new idea. It’s called the ‘Liberty Library’ and here’s how it works.

  • Imagine your bookshelf, filled with books – that’s you.
  • When your library is full; you’re feeling pretty good. All your books are in tact and you can focus and get on with life.
  • Each ‘book’ represents an activity, an emotion or a problem etc. Some book title examples are as follows;
    • Friends Without Benefits: She’s the type of friend who makes you feel like crap
    • Can’t Pay, Can’t Pay: You literally can’t afford to pay your bills
    • 2.4 Children. Who Hate You: Your kids are demanding and ungrateful
    • The 100 Hour Work Week: You’re working too hard, for too many hours
    • Hairy Potter & The Goblet of Wine: You haven’t shaved your legs since 1998 and drink far too much Pinot Grigio
    • 50 Shades Of Absolutely Nothing: You’re too worn out for that!
    • The Girl With The Huge Washing Pile On Her Back: Not literally, but you know what I mean
  • Every time you partake in one of your boring/stressful/problematic things, remove a book
  • If someone else removes one, shout “What a *%$££*$ liberty!” Sometimes people are really damn rude and take more than one.

Sometimes you have a really bad day – imagine how many books you could lose? Your library will be empty pretty quickly – SOB! 

  • With very few books in your library you’ll quickly start to feel overwhelmed and stressed.
  • You need to get some more books on your shelf pretty quick. Here are some book title examples;
    • The Lovely Bath: Ah, bubbles, smellies and  peace (Lock the door)
    • The Girl With The Weight Lifted From Her Shoulders: OUTSOURCE some stuff! Needn’t be expensive.
    • The Wine-Travellers Wife: Have a week off wine, you’ll sleep better, be more focused and feel healthier
    • PS, They Love You: Children are hard work, but they love you. Spend a really good quality few hours being a kid with them. Turn off your phone.
    • The Mum In The Striped Pyjamas (or Pajamas for my American friends): Early nights. Miracle mornings. Yoga retreats. You get the picture.
    • The Sound Of Meditation: Music, mindfulness, meditation. I use HeadSpace app for meditation.

Need more inspo? Read my blog 3o Ways to Feel Amazeballs

So there you go, my library analogy. I hope this works for you better than filling your cup or whatevs.

Let me know how you look after your Liberty Library in the comments.


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One Response to Why I’m Like A Library (And Why You Should Be Too)

  1. Leanne Marshall June 6, 2017 at 6:47 pm #

    I love this Suzannah. My Mother in Law bought me The Reader one christmas as she said (accurately) that it described me!

    I’ll have a think about the other relevant books.

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